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Established in 2005, AAYAAM has been working as a key business partner of our clients, helping them in management of their strategic Talent and Organisation Development initiatives.

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Consulting with a difference

  • Our unique Build, Operate and Assist (BOA) model, positions us very differently from the standard solutions available ‘off-the-shelf.’
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Experiential Learning Workshops

  • AAYAAM offers specialized learning initiatives which are customized to clients’ requirements.
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Executive Mentoring

  • In today’s dynamic business environment, we often find senior leaders running from managing one crisis to the other...
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Talent Attraction and Acquisition

  • As part of its comprehensive HR delivery model, AAYAAM offers Talent Acquisition services only for its key clients.
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News & Events

Welcome to AAYAAM .....

Recently AAYAAM conducted a few interesting interventions AAYAAM was summoned by a transnational software products organization to carry out a detailed audit of People processes programmes and initiatives.
AAYAAM accomplished it by way of internal documentary search and fairly involved leadership meetings before submitting its findings and more importantly recommendations.
One critical part of AAYAAM’s recommendations was related to reorganizing the Human Resources function.
Every recommendation of AAYAAM was accepted by the client and consequently the Org Restructure is already on its way of implementation and several initiatives recommended by AAYAAM are getting defined.
In other FMCG Multinational, AAYAAM created a comprehensive curriculum for the ICC under PoSH.
And the same was delivered by way of a workshop for all the ICC members. This curriculum will now be a part of the clients ongoing induction of ICC members.
For its Multinational client dealing in industrial chemicals, AAYAAM delivered a Competency Model to the application engineers by way of creatively crafted outbound program at Lavasa
For a Midsized Indian manufacturing solutions company, AAYAAM has taken up a long term project of mentoring heads senior leadership team starting with the chairman.
Recently AAYAAM conducted a Senior Leadership retreat at Lonavala for defining the Organization’s long term vision and associated execution imperatives
This week AAYAAM conducted an off-site for Armstrong in the serene environs of Dodheshwar—a beautiful temple complex surrounded by mountains situated in Nasik district of Maharashtra.
As a first ever grand gathering of all Armstrong employees, this off-site was aimed at strengthening One Armstrong spirit among all of them.
Leveraging the nature around, a number of activities involving adventure, fun and interdependence were carried out, which resulted in lifting energy levels of all participants.
As part of AAYAAM’s continued effort to give back to the society, Abhay Valsangkar delivered two addresses one for the teachers and the other one for the senior students of BESt school of Satana, Nasik.
This initiative is a part of school efforts to invite guest speakers to interact with the teaching as well as the student community.
These external speakers provide career guidance to students and also share their perspectives and insights with the teachers with a view to broaden their knowledge horizon.
AAYAAM signs a deal with MetricStream for preparing an end to end competency strategy for them.
Abhay Valsangkar delivers Three day nonstop MDP at Dhaka
AAYAAM Conducted a TTT on Code of ethics for Ferrero Managers
We at AAYAAM proudly announce our new consulting practice - Prevention of Sexual Harassment (PoSH).

AAYAAM recently conducted ‘communication sensitivity enhancement’ workshop at Armstrong’s manufacturing location at Satana. This well attended program immensely benefited the participants in identifying ‘key themes’ for making inter-functional communications stronger and productive. As part of AAYAAM’s continuous OD work at Armstrong, many follow-up initiatives are underway.
AAYAAM, deployed two more offerings of its marquee program,’ Hiring for Success’  in Piramal Healthcare for their business leaders. This program is continuously receiving very high participant rating and the series is now getting extended to many Piramal entities.
AAYAAM was invited to address the Vodafone India Services HR team on the emerging challenges and opportunities for HR. The power talk delivered by Abhay Valsangkar was received with a high degree of enthusiasm and will serve as a ‘curtain raiser’ for more involved work with the team.
AAYAAM introduced its ‘Get-Set-Go’ program methodology to Sorento senior leadership as part of its continuous work in the area of Organizational Excellence.
Traction on PoSH strengthens as more and more clients benefit from AAYAAM’s unique training and consulting offerings in the this specialized area.
AAYAAM, in the continuous quest in rediscovering its motto : ‘consulting with a difference’ delivered a unique program in strengthening a spirit of ‘oneness’ in transnational teams. Last evening AAYAAM delivered a novel program at Hotel Conrad in Pune. This grand evening was organized by Foseco, on the back of their Excellence Workshop attended by many senior professionals from the entire globe. In keeping with the audience profile and Foseco’s eternal faith in furthering the cause of humanity and ‘one world’, AAYAAM had put together an ensemble of talented young artistes to drive these messages through multiple art forms. Seven versatile artistes presented the show with the help seven distinct themes, which eventually melted into a ‘one world’ message. Altogether twelve musical instruments, representing the world music were played through the program, coupled with live vocal singing, live dance renditions and ex-tempore paintings to complement the mood of each dance/ music presentation. The enthralled audience spontaneously interacted with the artistes, thus making it a perfectly interactive show.
Last week Abhay delivered a 3 day 'Advanced Leadership Programme' at Bangkok for ‘Unimed Unipharma’ top leadership team which included the Chairman & Managing Director of the company.

This week Abhay addressed a group of orthopedic surgeons. The theme of the workshop was “Inculcating Communication Sensitivities”. In this well attended workshop, the participating doctors appreciated the inputs and acknowledged that there is an urgent need of propagating this work across the medical fraternity.
Abhay conducted a training session on the art and science of decision making for the members of "HR Infotech Association" on 22nd April 2017.